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Outsource your company's regulatory department to us. We support design, manufacturing, and operator organisations in the drone industry. We offer in-depth support and advice on strategic, regulatory, operational, technical and business-related issues.

1. SORA assessments


Whether it's STS, PDRA or a custom SORA - we can help you. We have completed over twenty successful SORA applications across Europe, including BVLOS operations over cities.


We will guide you through preliminary analyses and provide coaching or authoring of a customized SORA. We are particularly excited about the introduction of SORA v2.5 as it provides a much more robust framework for more demanding operating environments than SORA v2.0. We'll make sure to get you up to speed and train you on SORA if you want to complete your next SORA application yourself.



2. Writing the Operations Manual (OM)


The OM template published by EASA in August 2023 simplifies the creation of a solid SAIL II -level operations manual. For SAIL III and IV, the requirements for operational procedures are stricter. We can help you prepare your OM, so that it is as standardised as possible and thus easy for the aviation authorities to assess. At the same time, we can provide you with tips on possible ways to improve and streamline your operations, without compromising on safety.

3. LUC (Light UAS Operator Certificate)


A Light UAS Operator Certificate (LUC) states that the holder has a safety management system approved by the authority. The LUC holder can be granted special privileges by the aviation authority, such as self-authorisation of operations both in your home country (state of issue) and in other EASA countries. A LUC or a similar certification is a requirement from SAIL IV, but we recommend it already at SAIL III.


We help you create a safety management system, a risk register, checklists, new required role descriptions and prepare the LUC documentation, as well as update your operations manual where necessary. We can also train your key personnel to act in accordance with the LUC manual and the safety management manual.


4. Enterprise drone operations


Large organisations with different drone teams and multiple Concepts of Operations (ConOps) benefit from a modular operations manual (OM), where details of the operations are maintained in appendixes to the OM. Equipment maintenance must be coordinated between drone teams, while remote pilot training can be tailored to the needs of different departments.


We have many years of experience in supporting enterprise clients. We help define ways of working and preparing modular operations manuals. We also offer customised open and specific category training modules.


5. Training of remote pilots and organisations


We offer theoretical and practical training for open and specific categories (including STS/PDRA). We also offer customised training on SORA, U-space, the use of standards in unmanned aviation, and more. Contact us, we are happy to tell you more.


6.  Design Verification and airworthiness


We support you in achieving SORA’s Operational Safety Objectives (OSO) and fulfilling EASA’s MoCs (Means of Compliance) in SAIL II, III and IV. We help you evaluate the adequacy of qualitative assurance, prepare a Functional Test Based (FTB) program or Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA).

Interested to learn more?

Let’s have a chat and get started. You will hear what impact unmanned aviation can have for you or your operations.

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