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Innovative Aerial Services are revolutionary technological and operational solutions for remote sensing, asset inspections, surveillance, and logistics. They change our perception of aviation, benefit society and meet the demands of sustainable development.

Drone logistics guide for real estate

The guide is intended for real estate owners, architects and designers. The guide describes the essential points from the real estate management/development point of view, and lists topics to take into account when preparing a service point for last-mile drone logistics.

Guidebook on Urban Air Mobility integration

The guide is intended for city and regional decision-makers and urban air mobility (UAM) operators. The guide combines the four most central aspects of urban air mobility: urban planning and mobility, flight safety, general acceptance and process management related to urban air mobility integration.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) on the carbon footprint of drones

A document about the LCA model developed in the AiRMOUR project, which evaluates the carbon footprint of two different types of drones: a small cargo drone (17 kg) and a medium-sized, two-seater eVTOL drone (650 kg). Contact us if you want to use the calculation model with your own parameters.

Interested to learn more?

Let’s have a chat and get started. You will hear what impact unmanned aviation can have for you or your operations.

Drone operators and manufacturers

We support drone designers, manufacturers, and operator organisations with in-depth expert services: strategic, regulatory, operational and technical consultation, pilot, manufacturer and operator training, as well as day-to-day support. We help you implement innovative aerial services efficiently and safely.

Cities, Regions and Municipalities

We help cities, regions and municipalities prepare for the impact of Urban Air Mobility. Together, we create a strategy for managing local innovative aerial services and a plan for the very low-level airspace, which takes into account local needs and conditions. We jointly review existing and potential drone operations to support your own operations. We help integrate the plans into your sustainable development strategy.

Very low-level airspace and U-space consulting

We help municipalities, regions and cities to learn about and plan their very low-level airspace and U-space airspaces. We provide ANSP’s and CAA’s with in-depth expertise in U-space regulations and in system integration. The goal is to enable drone traffic by access to the airspace, while considering other airspace users as well as ground aspects.

Publicly funded projects

We have contributed to and participated in several European, Nordic and national publicly funded innovative aviation projects, such as GOF USPACE, GOF2.0, 5G!drones, AiRMOUR and the Nordic Drone Initiative, in addition to SAFIR Ready. We are constantly looking for interesting new project proposals. If necessary and aligned with our strategy, we can also be consortium coordinator.

Services and solutions

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