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We are aviation professionals who are fascinated by the challenging nature and diversity of the rapidly developing unmanned and innovative aviation sector. Over the years, we have become one of the very top European experts in the industry.

About us

Innoavia was born from a passion for unmanned aviation. Our company's key personnel developed and built drones even before the advent of the drone industry. In 2017, we started a company to serve increased demand for expert services in Europe. We started out as Robots Expert. Some of us started flying manned aircraft. In 2023 we became Innoavia and continue our dedication to high-quality consultancy work in the innovative aviation sector.


We believe that drones are an important part of the sustainable development of aviation. Drones can improve the competitiveness of companies, curb the growth of the carbon footprint and create socially equal services.


We have been involved in several European, Nordic and national publicly funded drone, Urban Air Mobility and U-space research projects.


The projects have a significant social and industry-developing impact. They focus on scaling unmanned aviation from operations within visual line of sight (VLOS) to beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) . We continue to develop the prerequisites for scalable BVLOS operations, such as routine access to airspace and the use of affordable and ubiquitous wireless connectivity in the  low-level airspace for all aviators.


Aviation expert - welcome to our team to create something new! We are constantly looking for people who understand the nature of aviation and see the possibilities of innovative aviation.


We are an open-minded, forward-looking, courageous, and fact-based operator. We expect the same from you. Your background can be in strategy consulting or in airworthiness certification. The work requires excellent command of written and spoken English, preferably also Finnish  or Swedish as well as time-management, analytical and interaction skills. Experience in unmanned aviation is not necessary.



Interested to learn more?

Let’s have a chat and get started. You will hear what impact unmanned aviation can have for you or your operations.

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